November Featured Artist – Bonnie Howell

November 2023

“My husband and I have long been bird watchers, and to that end, regularly keep three bird feeders going year round. By also having a large pond which we view from our house, we are able to watch larger feathered friends as well. Herons fly in often and stalk the shallow sides for their daily sustenance. A pair of geese come when we put corn along the edges. Wood ducks come and sometimes nest near by. Hawks and owls will perch as close as the  tall posts which hold up our deck sails. And there, of course, is no shortage of these wild creators to view as we enjoy paddling the waterways that surround us here in Chestertown. So it seems fitting to include some of these winged visitors in my featured show “OF WINGS AND WATERWAYS” at THE ARTISTS’ GALLERY for the month of November. Painting in oil from my studio is how I can focus on the Images I use to create my work. Photos taken while on the water and from along the pond give me much inspiration. The many moods of water: peaceful and calm, rhythmic, reflective and abstract, continue to challenge and simulate what I like to paint. If you can feel the moment, the lap of the tide, the wet in the reflection, then I feel the painting is a success.”

Please join Bonnie and her partners for the opening reception, Friday, November 3, 2023, From 5 to 7:30 at THE ARTISTS’ GALLERY, 239 High Street, Chestertown, MD. For information Phone: 410-778-2425.

Mrs Howell majored in art in college and received her BA degree in Fine Arts from St. Andrews University in North Carolina and her Teachers Certificate from Washington College in Chestertown. She taught art in both public and private schools during her early career, and painted wildlife and portraits as a freelance artist before forming THE ARTISTS’ GALLERY LLC Partnership in 2003. She has continued her art studies with noted portraitists John Sanden Of Portraits Institute of New York, NY and John Ebersberger of Maryland Hall, Annapolis, MD. She has also taken classes at the University of Maryland and graduate work at the University Of Delaware. She is a member and past president of Working Artists Forum of Easton, MD.

Her works are in many private collections across the US as well as local and public collections such as: Shore Medical Center, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Washington College, Garnett School, Dr Hickman Office and The Watershed Restaurant, in Chestertown, and the Turnersville Assembly Hall, NJ. Mrs Howell works primarily in oils and regularly features paintings of water and nature as well as portraits at THE ARTISTS’ GALLERY. Now in the gallery’s 20th year, they welcome exhibiting artists in many mediums and an assortment of fine crafts as well.