November Featured Artist – Bonnie Howell


“Several years ago, I named a painting ‘Moment of Joy’ and realized recently that the whole experience of paddling on the beautiful creeks and rivers of the Eastern Shore creates many such moments. When we view water literally, from land or boat, or even just look at pictures of water, it has the potential, the power to move our emotions in a pleasurable way.” So “Moments of Joy” became the theme of this year’s new body of oil paintings for Bonnie Howell’s November feature show at The Artists’ Gallery in Chestertown.

The whole creative process is of itself a source of joy for Bonnie. Planning each show begins when she and her husband slip their canoe in the water and Bonnie begins to see and photograph the reflections, the movement and the light on the water surface. Then the picture references are used to create the designs in her studio, by sometimes cropping and zooming in on the details. Sometimes several images are used to compose a good composition. All this leads up to the actual painting of that memorable moment which of course is her delight. But she feels that perhaps the most joy comes with being able to share these very pleasant moments with others.

Mrs. Howell majored in art in college and received her BA degree in Fine Art from St. Andrews University in North Carolina and her Teachers Certificate from Washington College in Chestertown. She taught art in both private and public schools during her early career and painted wildlife and oil portraits as a freelance artist before forming The Artists’ Gallery in 2003. Her works are in many private collections across the US as well as local and public collections. She paints primarily in oils and regularly features paintings of water and nature as well as portraits at The Artists’ Gallery where she is the managing partner.

Please join Bonnie and her partners for the opening reception on Friday, November 4, 2022 from 5 to 7 p.m. at The Artists’ Gallery, 239 High Street, Chestertown, Maryland.