July Featured Artist – Evie Baskin

“Inspirations on the Shore”
EvIE Baskin
July 2021

Throughout the month of July, Evie Baskin’s newest series of work, “Inspirations on the Shore,” will be featured in The Artists’ Gallery. During the last year, cutoff from family and friends, the artist began noticing the natural beauty and pockets of life springing up around her on the Eastern Shore. One of her inspirations came after driving home after her second dose of the Covid vaccine. Glancing out the window, she spotted a small gathering of Highland Longhorn cattle by the side of the road, huddled together with their calves amid patches of snow on the ground. Her artistic spirit reawakened, she was able to begin anew, with paintings of animals, birds and landscapes on the shore, coupled with a few portraits of people who have brought inspiration to her. Using a variety of media, from oil, pastel and three chalks to silverpoint, Evie has worked to capture the light, mood and spirit of each of her subjects.

Growing up in Florida, Evie attended her first year of college on a music scholarship. Always interested in art, she ended up taking an art class where, for the first time, she drew from a live model. Soon after, she changed majors and ended up graduating with a BA in Visual Art from Florida State University in Tallahassee. After raising her family in Key West, she relocated to Alexandria in 1999, where she managed a law firm in Washington, DC while continuing to study figurative art at the Torpedo Factory. In 2008, she and her husband, Jonathan, relocated to Chestertown, where she began to work in pastel after studying with Mary Pritchard and later on, Claudia Post. Since arriving on the Eastern Shore, she has been the recipient of numerous awards for her landscapes and portraits. In 2015, Evie became a partner with The Artists’ Gallery and continues to be a juried member of The Working Artists’ Forum in Easton, Chestertown RiverArts and an accredited member of the Maryland Society of Portrait Painters. Earlier this year, Evie’s silverpoint drawing, “Spring Egret,” placed in The Portrait Society of America’s Members Only Competition- “The Art of the Portrait.”

“Inspirations on the Shore” will be featured at The Artists’ Gallery, 239 High Street, in Chestertown throughout the month of July. Please stop by the gallery to view the show and meet the artist on First Friday, July 2, 2021.