Evie Baskin

In September, Evie Baskin’s most recent series, “Shore As I See It,” was featured in The Artists’ Gallery. Images from this show were created by using a variety of media ranging from paintings in oil and pastel to drawings in silverpoint, a technique that originated during the Renaissance prior to the use of graphite. Each composition focused on the amazing pockets of life found within our richly textured landscapes and grass lined waterways, inspired by the reflections of light and color that perpetually highlight the Eastern Shore.

Evie grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and graduated with a BA in Visual Art from Florida State University in Tallahassee. After raising her family in Key West, she relocated to Alexandria, Virginia in 1999, where she managed a law firm in Washington, DC while continuing her studies of figurative work in oil and silverpoint at the Torpedo Factory on nights and weekends. In 2008, she and her husband discovered the Eastern Shore and moved to the vibrant community of Chestertown, where she now has the opportunity to create art on a full time basis. Since that time, Evie has been the recipient of numerous awards for her landscapes and portraits. She became a partner with the Artists’ Gallery in 2015 and is a member of The Working Artists’ Forum in Easton, the Chestertown Riverarts, and an accredited member of the Maryland Society of Portrait Painters in Annapolis. Her studio is located across the Chester River Bridge in Kingtown.

Contact Evie at the Gallery at 410-778-2425 or visit her website at www.eviebaskin.com.