December Featured Artist – Barbara Zuehlke

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“Water, Wildlife, and Wonders”
Barbara Zuehlke

December 2, 2020 thru December 29

Extended hours til 8 pm Friday December 4

Barbara presents the joys and beauty of the Eastern Shore of Maryland thru the eyes of a watercolor artist. She shows the viewer water reflections, color and movement of skies, the elegance and fun of shore birds and turtles and the glory from shore gardens.

Working in many mediums, watercolor is by far her favorite. The flow of the pigment moving thru the water is an exciting control issue and creates subtleties and textures other mediums do not achieve. There is a wonderful transparency. Barbara starts her paintings working with very wet pigment on wet paper (wet on wet) and finishes with a tighter heavier pigment. A triad painter, all her paintings are created with a palette of three colors: one blue, one red, and one yellow. All the colors and values in the painting are mixed from these three pigments.

An award, winning artist, Barbara has been a resident of Talbot County since 1982. After graduating from Miami University in Oxford Ohio with a BFA in graphics and painting, she did commercial studio design work for The J.L. Hudson Co. in Detroit, Michigan. She also did display design work for John Wanamaker’s downtown Philadelphia store. After moving to the Eastern Shore, she became active in the art community as a member and officer of Working Artists Forum where she is a past president. She is a signature member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society and a partner of The Artists Gallery. Barbara teaches intermediate watercolor at Dorchester Center for the Arts. She works and frames professionally in her home studio.